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Do you want to purchase a song composed especially for you or your event?

Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go-to font for titles, pThen your intuition has led you to us, because we are masters in composing songs, and have been since 1996. Composing and producing are our passion, and we guarantee you that we will work precisely to compose the exact elements (melodies, rhythms, instrumental arrangements, ) that your song/composition needs.
We have 27 years of songwriting experience and have written about 350 songs since 1996. We are also happy to compose for music gifts. The price depends on the instruments and arrangement, as well as the number of hours of work needed for the composition. As a rule of thumb, the most common budget for a simple song is 500 to 1000 CHF.
You will receive a professional and precise production for your song. Our intuition creates something new, lays the foundation for your future song/piece and lets the emotions you desire and the beauty of the sound you desire flow into your song/piece. In this first phase, the basic structure of the piece is formed.
The second phase is the arrangement and recording , that is, creating the main melody with additional melodies and experimenting with sounds and instruments. A competent arrangement highlights the main melody and makes a song complete and touching . The next step is mixing the tracks. This means that the instruments are professionally distributed in the room and that the volume and frequency of all musical instruments are emphasized. The last step is mastering. This is the final mixing of the stereo track of the mix , where it is listened to with different media and acoustic media.
We work with any genre and the desired mood in the composition is accurately reproduced. You can make special requests, such as the choice of instruments, the type and direction of the lyrics and the language.
We will compose a completely unique audio at your request. We approach each project individually and carefully.
We offer the following services
- Writing a simple song/composition with an accompanying instrument and vocals or a solo instrument.
- Writing a song/composition with a complex arrangement and vocals or a solo instrument.
- Music for a film
- Music for a video
- Music for a theater
- We are multi-instrumentalists:
- Vocals, violin, piano, synthesizer, guitar, harp, psaltery, bass, drums, percussion, for all wind instruments we have a professional selection of samplers. And we can call in other musicians if we need a particular instrument.
- We compose music in all forms, including vocal music, instrumental music, electronic music, and music that combines multiple forms.
- We can compose a song in the following musical genres, including classical, pop, rock, folk, gypsy, swing, cinematic, reggae, jazz melodies, and experimental music.
- We specialize in writing songs in English, French, German and Bernese.
- Music for a special occasion like :
- Birthday
- Welcome ceremony (birth, new place, etc.)
- Farewell ceremony (separation, death).

Procedure and conditions
Delivery time :
- Depends on the song :
- Simple songs with a light arrangement and few instruments: 2 - 4 days.
- Complex songs with many instruments : 7 - 20 days.
- Our common hourly rate is CHF 120.-/hour (so CHF 60.- individually) We always work as a duo.
 Planning meetings, mail/phone contacts are not charged.
- A song/composition with a simple arrangement usually costs from CHF 500 to CHF 1000.
- A song/composition with a complex arrangement usually costs from CHF 1000 to CHF 6000.
- The number of revisions is unlimited, we then charge per hour.
- The songs/compositions are for private use. If you want to share the song/composition on internet platforms, you have to discuss this with us, the copyright is ours and our names have to be mentioned in any case.
- Basically we never sell the copyrights. In exceptional cases you have to calculate between 10'000 and 30'000 CHF.
- For farewell and welcome ceremonies we work together with Ruth Himmelreich and can highly recommend her: She is
a sensitive ceremony leader, she designs individual farewell and welcome ceremonies that give comfort and support and value your special moment and consciously welcome it into your life. Here is her website:

Here are some examples of songs for a farewell ceremony :

Here are some examples of songs for a film score :

Here are some examples of songs for a children's theater :

And here are some general examples of our songs:

We’re looking forward if you contact us!

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